About Me

My name is Margaret Gregory.

I moved to California from the East Coast of Canada in 2006 to work as a consultant in the  GIS software industry.  I proceeded to fall madly in love with mountain biking and it became my passion and my life.

I love mountain biking because it takes me places I would never have otherwise discovered, and because it introduces me to the coolest people on the planet.  And it makes me smile.

I started racing downhill mountain bikes at the Professional level in 2011.  In 2012 I raced 2 world cup qualifiers, a great experience, but mediocre results and a fear huge gap jumps made me reconsider where I wanted to go with my racing.  When I heard about Enduro racing, I fell in love with the idea.  While DH taught me a lot about pushing my limits and how to ride fast and hard, I never felt quite as at home on my DH bike as I do on the trail bike that I ride every day.

In 2013 I made the switch to a full Enduro schedule and in 2014 I was 2nd overall Female in the North American Enduro Tour.  I managed to notch a few top 20 EWS finisher holes in my belt, and in 2015 decided that I needed to step away from racing to chase some other dreams.

In 2016, I had my daughter.  And life has changed.  I’m learning to balance my love for my family and my love for riding.  But it’s still me, I still ride bikes.  You’ll just see a few more posts about motherhood than you used to.


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